The HearRo Team

OK, we admit, we're building HearRo for purely selfish reasons. We have our own horror stories to tell when it comes to the overwhelming frustration dealing with call centers and customer service departments. Given the reaction we are getting from our customers, we aren't the only ones feeling the pain.

Vic Cooper - Founder & CEO

Vic was a contact center architect and consultant for over 16 years before starting HearRo. His experience and frustration with designing, programming and implementing major contact center applications for leading healthcare, finance, education and enterprise clients was the inspiration.

"After all these years working as a call center consultant, I realized that businesses all talked about how this or that feature (or system) would enable better customer service but the solutions never seemed to make dent in the real world experience their customers actually had. I also realized that the problem was bigger than what one company could solve on their own.""

Evan Goldman – Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

Evan is a transactional attorney and business consultant with over 20 years of experience founding and supporting innovative US and international based startups. Among other companies, Evan has served in corporate development and legal roles for ZutaLabs (mobile robotics), Umoove (mobile eye tracking software), BrightSource (utility scale solar) and InsureWorx (enterprise software).

James Thomson – Partner & CTO

James is a software developer and business consultant with over 20 years of experience founding and leading successful software companies. In 2003 James founded ServiceLogix with the goal of developing highly customized cloud hosted mobile and web delivered applications in a variety of verticals including vendor and resource management, finance, insurance, education, green manufacturing, personalized medicine and more.

Cathy Connors - Product Manager

Cathy is an innovative Senior Contact Center Specialist with excellent technical and management skills. With over 19 years of experience planning, engineering, and implementing unified, global systems for Fortune 500 Companies, she is a valued product manager with strategic vision. Her frustration over the inability to provide excellent call-center customer service is what drew her to the HearRo team. She strongly believes that blockchain technologies are the way of the future.

Cathy also thinks that IVRs are a thing of a past, therefore all auto attendants should be kicked to the curb. Press 1 if you agree. Press 2 if you disagree.